Him (scion_of_chaos) wrote,

Things I'm actually interested in

I think it's just fucking absurd that people think the Broncos will go after a running back in the draft. For fucks sake, they have half a dozen of them. Durability issues aside, they've got a great set of them. Selvin Young looks great when he isn't made of glass, Peyton Hillis is one of the shockers of the year in my opinion, and Ryan Torain has the skills to be great. Don't forget about Andre Hall or Michael Pittman; they're not great but certainly effective backups. Why the shit would you take a running back with that kind of backfield?

I like The Shack, mostly because I'm actually helping people about half the time. The crazy people though, you wouldn't fucking believe. Do electronics atract the old and crazy? Maybe it's just Catonsville being full of weirdos. Everything from spy paranoia, to drunks insisting on plugging sound systems into their WOOFERS, to old fat white guys who want help attaching their suspenders. Oh my job.

The problem with Lie to Me is that it had a great pilot, but now it can't replicate that. The pilot was unquestionably fantastic, especially the way it tied (somewhat) real science into the intrigue of the show, and made the viewer feel like they were participating. But now that's fallen off almost entirely. And really, you can only have a scenario of "Oh shit, someone is lying and WE NEED TO KNOW WHOOO" so many times before we're bored. On top of that, none of the characters aside from Tim Roth's are really that interesting. Did I mention it lacks a solid plot arc to keep us interested (what I'm calling Reaper syndrome). It's sad, because the premise is fantastic, but this is one giant bomb of a show.

...yes, my dialogue is disconnected, but I wanted to write these things. So I did. Cheers!

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