July 6th, 2006


Repeating the repeat of how a repeated repeater

I'm posting mostly becuase I feel obligated to get something down every week or so. I know, dumb idea, but it helps cleanse the works a little bit.

Is there any other person out there who actually enjoys arguing and debate for the sake of it? For the intellectual excercise and stimulation? Who wont get tired or angry, but who can debate and discuss and come to a good end?

It's a serious question. I think I've met a handful at best. People so often take arguments against their points as attacks against their beleifs. This is silly, as they most typically are not. Its very frustrating to be debating something pleasantly, and then have it turn ugly.

In other news, I've been hearing a lot about male privelige lately, and while its an interesting concept, I can't find any evidence of it in my own life. So I'm asking ya'll. Guys, ever received advantage due to your gender? Girls, ever felt disadvantaged?

Have you ever looked at something ordinary and felt the world tilt a little? Just lay there, feeling the universe twinge a little bit? Its fun, you should try it sometime.

Also, try fireworks. The journey may suck, but the explosions? Damn good.

So, there was orginally a lot of angry invective in this post. Then I realized how dumb and immature it sounded. Yes, I am frustrated at people right now. Thats just life I guess. Unfortunately,I dont have a lot of outlets for anger/annoyance/frustration right now. I apologize if my posts are bitchy in the immediate future. Just a lot of BLAH and nowhere for it to go.

So, here's my request. From this point forward, lets try it from square one. Put the past behind us, if its possible. I'm asking for clemency. I've made my share of mistakes, but I'm growing and changing. If you're angry with me, or annoyed at me, tell me what it is and we'll talk about it, try and work something out.

Did I do some dumb things in the past? sure. Do I still do dumb things sometimes? sure. Am I growing anhd changing? Yes. And I'm asking you to work with me.
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